Tata ACE Insurance – Prices, Plans, Coverage & Claims

Tata ACE insurance is a type of commercial vehicle insurance plan which protects the insured from financial losses arising out of loss of vehicle or damage due to any accident, fire hazards, theft or any kind of manmade or natural calamity. There are two types of insurance coverage for tata ace, one is third party insurance & the other is comprehensive insurance.

Tata ACE Insurance Price

Tata ace insurance cost for a liability coverage only policy for one year is Rs. 16050 Plus Taxes. Comprehensive or first party tata ace insurance price starts from Rs. 16400 plus taxes and can go up to as much as Rs. 25000 if the vehicle is new and full coverage is opted with addons such as zero dep cover.
Key Features Of Tata ACE Insurance
Key Features Benefits
Third Party Risk Coverage TPPD cover up to 7.5 lac & Unlimited for liabilities.
Accidental Coverage Driver and liability cover, Own Damage.
Theft Cover & Own Damage Included in comprehensive policy.
Models Covered Tata Ace Gold, Tata Ace Zip, Tata Ace Mega, Chota Hathi, Tata ACE HT.
Price 13999 Rupees For Third Party Insurance